Apr 4, 2018

Office Politics

I have now started having headaches on daily basis. Is it a disease , No I don't think so then what could it be,  and the cause keeps boggling my mind. I realized that it is the office politics that keeps my head burning at a faster rate than my heart. 

Welcome to Office Politics when you know that your intentions are right, and you also know that some other person is trying to let you down and snatch things from your pocket, when you know that somebody wants to let you down because you have been favored by his enemy and  that somebody is posing a good picture infront of you but in reality it is a doublecross.

When you know that you donot have any such characteristics then you have to think about this and devise your strategy. You have to be very careful while dealing with people because your words and your hardwork can be used anywhere without your knowledge. Is this kind of workculture good in office? Certainly not, but as per most of the people it is the hardreality of workculture globally.

What you should intend to do in such a situation is do your bit, talk openly and good about people, market your work at right time, keep patience and leave everything else. Doing this might unknowingly put you in the control of the situation, and results will fall in place. You should try meditating to prevent headaches and relieve you from irrelevant and trivial thoughts. Some cases might be so dangerous that it would become impossible for you to survive, so better leave that place but bear in mind that take all the the benefits that you can from there.

Most important thing in all of this is to remember your aim which is to grow professionaly, be wise, earn money and lead a happy life.

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Feb 18, 2017


Last week I was watching a talk show wherin one of my favorite actors Akshaye Kumar was taking to the audience and said, "It is 30 % hardwork and 60-70%luck or fate that decides success for someone".

 I partly agree and partly disagree to this statement, and  not that I started thinking  when I watched this show, but infact this thought had been lingering in my mind since many years and I had always thought about this whenever I succeeded or failed  in my life. I use to roam around in my room or in open space on terrace that was I so bad that I deserved a failure or did I really work that hard that I achieved  success. I use to laugh and feel happy on my success and use to cry and feel bad on my failure. I gave credit to my hardwork and my passion on my success and gave credit to my fate on my failure. I, because of all my successes and failures in life do say that I partly agree and partly disagree. 

I never had clear thoughts on this but now decided to write down something, and may be in the process I would clear that vagueness from my thought process.. I understand that there is not  a perfect explanation to this but I am writing what I think and believe at this point of my life. 

Astrology is a science that has the ability to tell or predict  a person's future, or in simple words I should say that it is a science to tell what is stored in someone's fate. I do not know how Astrology works and how is it able to predict future, and the only thing I have heard about is it happens with some calculation related to movement of stars. The rest of the theory is vague to me, and I also refrain from going to a fortuneteller, because I get biased if he predicts something and then I would start working only in that direction and not think of other directions. I want to be free in my life and not guided by some fortuneteller's predictions.

I have read many books as well and have almost lived half or a bit lesser life and with my experiences of life and the books that I have read , I believe that it is only your work, will power, dedication and decisions that builds your career. It is that innerdrive within a person that makes him or her go to any extent of dedication to achieve success. I use to believe this as the only criteria to achieve success and whatever I want in my life.

But  even with this, I have felt and experienced that some people do not attain success or get what they actually wished for. There had been people who worked so hard in their lives but did not earn enough or experience success and happiness in their lifetime.  I then found that there was one piece missing to that conclusion about achieving success, and may be then I should end this mind debate. I realized this when I was watching one of the sitcoms and  in that people were praying and were asking  for well wishes for the protagonist. I thought that it was a natural phenomenon that people in their life  ask god for good health of an ill person, pray for each other, talk good about someone they like, and this phenomenon is so closely connected with an aphorism  that only the things that you attract with your actions and thoughts will come back to you.I have always believed in this but have never thought that it would be the missing link in my thoughts about fate and hardwork. In other words, it says that the more you exude positive vibrations, more of that optimism will come back to you. 

When you are good with somebody, talk well, then the other guy will think good of you, might even pray for your success and will exude good vibes about you in this world, and that goodness of the other guy about you will also come back to you. This happens because you have been good with that person. Everyone has well wishes of their family or loved ones but they might not be sufficient for your success because you not only interact with your family but with innumberable of people in your lifetime and you leave your footprints in their minds and hearts about yourself. All these people, with whom you interact, leave a footprint with their good or bad thoughts about you outside. These footprints or thoughtprints, I should say, shape your life coupled with your work and dedication. This is how I define and understand the role of fate in our lives and i.e actually our own thought prints which is returned to us. The combination of these thoughtprints and that inner drive to achieve success looks to be a real mantra for achieving success, and their proportion in our lives could be different like one can be lower and the latter can be higher. I can not even prove this to myself, but this looks more meaningful when I see around and observe lives of different people. 

I think that I have never been bad to anyone but then my mind debates that have I always worked hard and have that wall like determination to succeed, and my other heart goes silent and does not have a reply to this claim, and then think that I have to balance that proportion to achieve success. I do not know if this is right or wrong, but it is about what decisions you take with your life and how you want to shape your life. I think this is a better way of living up your life, and leave good thoughtprints about yourself with everyone out there.

Be Good to Everyone and the Best will come back to You.

P.S: There is actually more to this because what about those people who are born in poor families or are alone with their birth. Did they get enough chance to be good to everyone out and give the best of their effots in their life? Well, this requires another post and more thoughts. Till then , Keep smiling and take care....

Jan 28, 2017

3 Reasons to Love your Life

Our life is a marvelous and unique sequence of events, so we should love and appreciate it every single day. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to deal with different stressful situations and meet face to face with our fears. Only fighting these challenges we can feel the whole beauty of our life and experience the whole palette of human emotions. If you feel dull and sad, for some reasons, you can always reveal in your memory pleasant moments, or dispel melancholy with joyful things around. Here are three miraculous things, which will make you smile even on the gloomiest day.


Everybody loves cartoons! They make as laugh like a little kid. No matter how old you are, watching cartoons will bring back warm memories from your childhood and fill you with unrivaled emotions and feelings. Don’t believe to those people who say that cartoons are only for kids, we all have the right to relax and let happiness save our day.


Changes are always for good, so you can easily improve your mood and turn your whole life upside down with some unexpected change! If you are brave enough, you can buy a new car, house or travel to some exotic country with your friends. More timid persons can try something less crazy, for example, make a new hair cut at fashion hair salon or dye your strands in some incredible color.


Sometimes friends can be closer than our real brothers and sisters! We share with them our experiences and secret thoughts. People say that friendship is a timeless phenomenon, so you will always feel happy and comfortable with your soul mate. Everything can change, your love – fade away, but real friendship will warm your heart and make your face shine even after decades.

Love your life and cherish every moment of happiness and sadness because only then you can feel alive.  

PS: This one is a guest post by Jessica Carter

Oct 10, 2016

A Journey By Train

The first thought that comes to me is that the train is an economic and safe way of travelling than going by road. If we leave the 10 percent of 1.3 billion people of India, then everybody's life is associated with train. Some may have good memories and some may have bad. I too have a melange of both ,and most of them are good.

I remember, in my childhood, going to my maternal grandfather 's place. It was a four hour journey from Bhopal, and it had its own excitement. I would buy chips,  always take window seat and stare out for a long long time. I use to imagine a sword  pointing  away from the train, a big strong sword which I would hold in my hands, and then everything would cut into two pieces as the train would move. I use to wait for mountains whenever there were green fields, and use to wait for caves whenever there were mountains. 

My mother sometimes use to chat with the fellow ladies and kids, and they would ask for our home place, my name, my age, my school and everything about me and nothing else. I wonder why everybody of us want to know everthing about another man's kid. My mom as gentle as always would tell them, and in return ask about their lives and kids. She sometimes shared food with them. My grandfather's place was a village of around 500 people. The station only had 2 platforms, and there always were very few people whenever we go there. My grandfather had always come to receive us and we use to cross tracks and go to home. We use to spend one month every year in the village and then return back to my hometown. When I was a kid, I had travelled most in summers because it was the time when every kid goes to different places and travel. 

As I grew up, my visits to my grandfather's place reduced, and studies took over prime importance in my life. After schooling, I joined an  engineering college in Indore, and sometimes used train to travel to Bhopal. With time, I started loving to travel alone and when you do not have to necessarily indulge in chatting with somebody. I would relish that time, would listen my favorite playlist and read  a novel.  I always think that a train journey is going to come and I could finish up this novel that time.

It is not that I always disliked talking with people on the train. It sometimes give us good friends or an unforgettable experience. Two of such experiences are worth sharing and one of them was when I met an Italian on a train. I was going to Mathura and we both got side lower and upper birth, so we were there facing each other. Our talks went from his town, which I don't remember as this was almost a 10 year old conversation, his hobbies and why he visited India. He wanted to know my religion, in which part of India did I belong, what did I study and why was I going to Mathura?  It was a good conversation, and one can realize that even today I remember bits and pieces of that conversation.

Another experience was of 7 years ago when I was going to Pune for my first job, and I met this guy younger to me by 3 years or so. He was a very enthusiastic guy, crazy and passionate, and what made me happy was that he was interested in talking to me rather than me to him. Even today I am connected with this guy on social media and I see him as a founder of a startup, and I feel that it is good to be connected with such crazy and passionate people. 

These experiences in life make you feel contended and happy, and also make you  believe in the corner of your heart that you are lucky enough to be born in this generation of transport and communnication.

Today, I am 29 years old and am travelling from Gurgaon to my hometowm, Bhopal. I do feel sometimes that air travel saves time, and if you have frequent travels then that makes you believe in a myth that you are rich. It has its own importance, and a journey by a train has its own. Today is one such travel where my wife is sleeping silently on a lower birth and I on the upper birth have all the time to think, read, ponder and blog that I am doing right now. Haha...
I wish and prey that everybody get such lovely experiences in their lives.

Keep Smiling:)

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Jun 6, 2016

Murder Most Right

Book Review: Murder Most Right
Author: Anup Rijhwani
Category: Fiction
Rating : 3/5

This book by Anup Rijhwani, is a story of Aakash, that makes us sail on the turbulence of his life to the point when he landed into prison. This will make us travel back in time with Aakash in his life so that he could get relieved from the traumatic memories of his past.

The story is weaved with good characters of the protagonist Aakash, Shiva, Feroze, his father, and mother. It is a typical middle class Indian story but you would feel engaged with the story, and would like to finish it in one sitting. The book is written in the early 21st century, so it would be quite easy for youth to connect with the story, as the fun and frolic activities described in college or school is all the more same for everyone. Also, Aakash's life had typical middle class problems which is so deeply penetrated in Indian society that I think most of the Indian readers would connect with the story. The author had also taken utmost care of not leaving behind any string, and that had also kept me glued to the story. 

The story was quite predictable from the beginning but it's presentation in the form of a rendevous between Aakash and Shiva was unique and good. There were kind of timely breaks with Aakash's story, and there he and Shiva would talk which also kept me wanting more till the end.

I also personally felt that there was some extra information in the story, as the narration of his previous life was so minutely detailed that I could not relate this objective to the ulterior justification of his present day condition. The plus point in this was his narration, which was so good that you would like to forget this extra stuffing, and would rather concentrate on the story.

I also felt that author could have added some spice in Aakash's life as his was only described with the suffering. He could have made to enjoy his life with some good and beautiful descriptions of his love life and there could be some maniac and highly insane acts of his and his friends, but I found them missing in the story. 

Now, comes the ending of the book and that took my thoughts away, and for a second I thought what just really happened, and then I reread that to grasp the ending completely, and smiled by thinking about this unique ending to the story. 
On the whole, I liked the story which I felt was predictive, but at the end found an unpredictable ending. A reader like me actually look for instances  in a book which would make him feel good even for a moment, and the ending in this book gave me that moment.

 I would recommend this book to all the guys out there who love reading Indian fiction.